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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 19, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. breaking news. mine explosion. 27 people are missing inside new zealand's largest coal mine as rescuers race to find them, one official says it doesn't look g. we'll bring you the latest on the disaster. royal decision? as new details emerge about the upcoming wedding of prince william and kate middleton, london is abuzz with speculation an announcement is imminent on when and where it take place. we'll go live to london for more on the royal rumblings. a father's plea. nearly six months after kyron horman disappeared, the desperate search continues as a desperate father sends a message
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out to his little boy. >> home is safe. it's just kiara and i and we are waiting for you. >> more of his emotional interview early this friday, >> more of his emotional interview early this friday, november 19th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs 347bz. look at that. you cpyou can tell on fifte holidap holidays aholidays . almostpbefore you knbefore. welcowelcome to youpwelcor everyone. i'm maggie rodriguez. r >> i>> i'm harry smi. good morning, all. tthe weekend before thanksgiaa americaamericans arp ameri traveling over the holiday. many of them air travelers and a lot of people are talking about the tsa. air travelers are threatening a revolt against a more invasive search against those body screening security machines. this morning we'll speak to john pistole, head of sa and ask him if this is really the only way to keep the bad guys out of the
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sky. >> first breaking news out of new zealand more two dozen coal miners trapped and no one knows if they're alive or dead. let's head to the news desk and erica hill. >> rescue efforts are under way in new zealand for the 27 coal miners missing after a mine explosion. the mine is on new zealand's south island about 180 miles southwest of wellington. it is the country's largest coal mine. a tunnel that runs horizontally into the side of a mountain. the explosion occurred about a mile from the entrance. >> there is some communication because the employee who did walk out first rang the surface and said that i've -- i believe there's been an explosion underground. >> there have not been any further communications with those missing miners. it is not yet clear if any of them survived. president obama is in portugal this morning for a nato summit, which will focus on afghanistan. air force one landed in lisbon just a short while ago.
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our senior white house correspondent bill plante is there. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, erica. the president you might say on a mission to restore his mo-jo, the
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at six minutes past the hour that's your weather. now over to harry. >> the thanksgiving travel rush begins this weekend and this year along with the usual stress of flying. new security procedures are causing some extra worries. the denver post snapped these photos showing what airline passengers, some of them anyway, are going through these days, including enhanced patdown techniques which have sparked a rebellion by some flyers. the tsa administrator john pistole joins us from washington to explain what's going on. good morning, sir. >> good morning, harry. >> let's first talk about the new enhanced scanners that are in operation in some airports, spreading all over the country.
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and basically, what they do is you can kind of see everything, at least the person who is viewing the scan can. and a lot of folks are saying, i'm not so interested in having a tsa examiner look at everything there is to see of me. >> right, harry. the number of issues involved here and, of course, this is the latest technology, we believe, to deal with the latest threats as we saw both on christmas day and as we saw recently with the cargo plot, the way that the terrorists particularly al qaeda and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are focused on devices that can cause catastrophic results, bringing down an airliner. this technology is designed to provide the best possible security and also addresses issues from the standpoint of having an examiner in a separate area and sees an image, not a photograph, i've seen all kinds of things on tv and elsewhere that is not accurate. so, i think there is a lot of misinformation there. the bottom line is that security
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officer never sees a person and the security officer with the person never sees the image. >> well then what ends up having you have certain pilots unions, people in pilots unions saying it's not healthy for me, i'll opt out. others feel it is too invasive, i'm going to opt out, so the new patdown techniques, which are not getting rave reviews, to say the least, how -- is there a way to do this that people won't feel that some people are basically feeling violated? >> it is a challenge, harry, no doubt. so what we're trying to do is address the latest intelligence about the threats we have. a couple with privacy issues people are rightfully concerned about. we've worked extensively with the pilots and think we have a good way forward with them and we'll be talking about later on as we explore different options. but, when it comes down to the patdown, actually very small number and small percentage of people will actually receive that patdown, if they opt out of
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the advanced imaging technology, in those seven or so airports. we'll try to address the people such as the christmas day bomb, know knows the technology and says i won't go through that because of a non-metallic device and walk through a metal detector wouldn't pick. >> up last but not least, one of the issues people are saying you are violating my fourth amendment right which protects me against unlawful search and seizure. is there a way, in a sentence, to answer that? >> there are administrative authorities that give the department and tsa that authority. obviously, the bottom line is trying to ensure that everybody that gets on every flight can be assured with high confidence that everybody else on that screened. and i think, really, the bottom line, harry, is that as we look at the holiday season here and thanksgiving, everybody wants to get home to see family, to see friends, enjoy the holidays, and we ask it be a partnership between the traveling public and those in tsa, the men and women
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trying to protect you and your loved ones. >> john pistole, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you, harry. her book is not in stores yet but you can still read part because excerpts have turned up online. as you might imagine, the author is not happy about that. cbs news correspondents nancy cordes is in washington with the story. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning, mag gear, palin appears to go well beyond politics in her new book criticizing everything from popular tv shows to the first lady. >> let's restore america! >> reporter: less than a week before it is scheduled to go on sale sections of sarah palin's new book "america by heart, reflexes on family, faith and flag" have been leaked on internet and some of the topics she tackles may be surprising. >> we haven't really seen a lot of political criticism in this book so far, at least in the parts leaked to the media. it's mostly about things like "american idol" or levee johnston. >> i don't care what she did or where she was at.
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>> he's critical of him, the unmarried father of her grandson for seeking publicity writing it was disgusting to watch as his 15 minutes of fame were exploited by supposed adults taking advantage of a lost kid. and takes on the tv show "american idol" writing that the contestants embarrass themselves for the benefit of producers. >> my name is bristol palin. >> of her daughter's role on reality tv she writes, she engaged in an uplifting, family-orient show called "dancing with the stars" to challenge herself in a new, fun way. >> sarah palin in many ways a creature of television sher self a contract on a cable news show, her daughter on a reality show and sarah palin has her own reality show she's compensated very well for. >> palin apparently is not pleased by the leaks. thursday night she tweeted: one thing that hasn't been leaked, any mention of palin's
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plans to run for president in 2012. but, of president obama, she does say he seems to believe it is an unjust, unequal country. she even take as swipe at michelle obama dredging up that comment of being proud of the country for the first time when her husband started winning elections. this will be pretty provocative stuff, nancy. >> it already is. thank you. 7:12, back to harry. >> the latest from london, there could be an announcement this morning on where prince william and kate middleton will be married. as we wait there, are new details coming out on their wedding plans and cbs news correspondent elizabeth palmer is outside buckingham palace with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hi, harry. yeah, new details on all their plans. as the royal couple is probably really coming to grips for the first time with the cost of their mega-celebrity. prince william had said he
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wanted to keep details of the place where he popped the question secret, private. well, that lasted all of three days. the "sun" newspaper this morning actually prints a photo of the cabin in africa where it happened, with close-ups of the room, the bed, and even what the couple wrote in the guest book. as for the actual venue for the wedding, well that's still a mystery. though probably not for long. serious contenders are st. paul's cath dra, maybe windsor castle and bookies even taking joke odds on london's football stadium. but, westminster abbey seems to be the clear public favorite. >> i think it should be at westminster abbey because i think that's traditional and that's where it's been for many years. >> it's a church, the cathedral, all the cornations have taken place, i think from a historical perspective i think it should be the place. >> the abbey is certainly big enough t. seats 2,000 people in its splendid stone interior. >> cornations take place there. funerals take plays -- funeral
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services take place there, royal marriages take place there and i think it's very important that we maintain another traditional in the united kingdom wo our royal family. >> reporter: meanwhile the rebranding of kate middleton has begun. the palace wants us to start calling her catherine. she's lining up her role and her family's party supply business and preparing to enter public life, even before the wedding, accompanying prince william on the official and charity visits that are such a large part of the royal job description. now, of course, bated breath everywhere, hoping to find out where the wedding is going to take place and the news could come today. at least that's what we're hoping. harry? >> elizabeth palmer in london this morning, right in front of the palace, we thank you very much. appreciate it. maggie? >> thank you, harry. at home, nearly six months now since second grader kyron horman disappeared in portland, oregon, still no trace of him n. recent
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days, investigators have scoured wooded areas, they've even put on wetsuits to search for evidence under water. on thursday, kyron's father spoke with our national correspondent, jeff glor, who joins us this morning from port landing. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: maggie, good morning to you. the wall of hope remains here but as you mentioned nearly six months after kyron went missing this case has clearly strained police, the community and this week, especially, his family. when kyron horman went missing june 4th, his biological parents were no longer together but they always stood together. >> i don't know that i'm getting through it. >> reporter: that changed when desare young sharply criticized her ex-husband kaine this week. indicating he withheld information before kyron disappeared before the danger kyron's step-mom posed. young now says terri horman had a severe hatred for kyron and she could have hurt him in the
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worst possible way. some of the comments she made this week clearly got a lot of attention. >> uh-huh. >> did they surprise you? >> i wouldn't say that they surprised me. this has been going on for so long, we're all just emotionally strung out. >> what they both agree on is that terri is responsible for kyron's disappearance and though terri is not talking this past week dive teams searched underwater for the first time, volunteers have scour ad nearby island. still, nothing. how much do you worry that people will forget? >> i worry about it all the time. we went out yesterday to one of the local malls and passed out flyers to the businesses and a couple comments, oh, i thought he was home already. and that just reaffirmed that we got to keep getting it out there. >> reporter: while searching, kaine horman also holds down a full-time job and acts as a single parents to 2-year-old kiara. >> how challenging is all of that for you? >> it's a heavy load but you
7:17 am
just step up. >> reporter: kiara longs for her missing brother. >> she has me sit next to her and read a book while she reads a book because her companion's not there. the first holiday season coming up, have you thought about how you'll handle that? do you try to not think about that at all? >> it's difficult. i miss him the say every day, whether it's thanksgiving holiday or just a tuesday. it doesn't change. >> reporter: at the end of our interview kaine turned unexpectedly to the camera addressing his son directly. >> yeah, we love you very much. we're still looking for you. every day. home is safe. it's just kiara and i and we're waiting for you. >> reporter: he says the last time he spoke to terri horman was in late june and has to plans to see her again, except in court. maggie? >> jeff glor in portland, oregon thank you for that story, jeff. still ahead this morning, another high-profile disappearance may be closer to being solved. we may finally know the answer
7:18 am
of what happened to natalee holloway because after five and a half years a piece of bone may provide some answers. we'll talk to a dna expert about the ongoing investigation. >> also ahead this morning, good shopping advice to help you trim the cost of thanksgiving dinner. you know, the price of turkey has gone up? a lot. we'll tell you how to do it on "the early show."
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it's friday morning. welcome back to "the early show." how much evidence can a piece of bone provide? investigators in aruba are hoping a jaudz bone that washed up on a beach there will provide a lot of answers about what happened to natalee holloway. this morning we'll be speaking with a renowned forensic patholist about what kind of evidence they can hope to extract from the new discovery. >> all that and more coming up and dave and "no way home" a
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little bit later on here on "the early show." >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by the u.s. postal service. uh, a little help... oh! you know shipping is a lot easier with priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus, you can print and pay for postage online. and i can pick them up for free with package pickup. perfect! cause i'm gonna need a lot of those. wow! i knew i should have brought my sleigh. priority mail flat rate shipping starts at $4.90 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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the same way again. for a powerful clean against a full range of stains, use new wisk. fight stains with science. don't start your commute until you talk to sharon gibala and she's up after the weather. >> let's look at the forecast for the day. it will be a nice one. it will be cooler and 56. 52degrees and i could see it getting up to 54. the winds are out of the region today and not tomorrow. hi, good morning, everyone. we have problems and nothing major. we have an accident on the topside of the beltway at lock
7:26 am
raven and you can see the speeds are slow and that's at putty hill avenue. that's at south chester street and one by 646 and one in pasadena and route 100. debris at old columbia and blocking the left lane. that's the topside of the beltway at harford road. and you'll find delays there -- and this is brought to you by the subway sunrise melt. melted goodness made irresistible. thank you, and in the new, hundreds are picking up their lives after a tornado has been confirmed along the city,
7:27 am
county line. >> reporter: on a scale from 0- 5, the national weather service determined this was an ef 1. yesterday, the residents returned and 54 units are condemned and 350 apartments in total are damaged. a woman is shot and a child escaped and a man shot -- shoots and kills himself. the 8-year-old ran and the 36- year-old started shooting and the child wasn't hurt and his wife is treated for her wounds at the hospital. he shot a dog in a dog park and today, the police officer is going on trial. the 32-year-old is charged with animal cruelty and firing near homes. and he claims that the dog was
7:28 am
attacking his dog at the time. >> and stay with wjz -- up next, simple ways to cut costs on your thanksgiving day feast. >> and a jawbone is found in aruba on the beach. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a great crowd on hand. a lot of people there because they want to see dave make it across the finish line. we'll get to that in just a bit as we welcome you back to "the early show." coming up, a little thanks sgifg sticker shock. if you have been online and just sort of been thinking about, okay, are we ready to buy the bird yet? the price -- the average price of turkey has gone up about 30% in the last year. even the price of onions is up. there's all kinds of stuff, the price gouging and who knows what else going out there. but there are ways to save money on your holiday feast. we'll tell you how to do that in just a little bit.
7:31 am
>> but first, here this friday morning at 7:30 the latest on a possible breakthrough in the natalee holloway case. forensic experts this morning are analyzing evidence that could finally tell us what happened to her. cbs news correspondents kelly cobiella is in miami this morning with the latest. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. they're actually comparing natalee's s
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millions of americans shopping for thanksgiving turkeys this weekend. let us warn you turkeys are going to cost about a third more this year an year ago. to tell us why and how to save money on the bird and trim mings, amy goodman senior editor of "all you" magazine, always a pleasure to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you know, can you imagine going out to start to do your marketing this weekend and then there's sticker shock, right. >> tremendous, almost 30%, the rise of the cost of the birdss that. has to do with an increase in terms of the feed for the birds,
7:41 am
over like 56% in terms of feeding the birds. so -- >> the prices for corn have gone up steadily in the last year. >> exactly. exactly. what this means your average 16-pound bird which now costs $1.05 per pound, you know, this year is 16.80. last year was $12.64 for the total purchase. that's really significant when you are looking at those numbers. >> yeah. do we have other kinds of choices, though? i mean, tell me a way to save money. there's got to be a way to save money. >> the way to do it, first combine your coupons. go online. a lot of the poultry companies like butterball have coupons you can combine with in-store sales. >> i like it. >> do that. also if you are having a smaller party with two to three people or so get a turkey breast, instead, a smaller portion, no waste and consider frozen over fresh, definitely more reasonable but give yourself four to five days for the birdies to thaw. which means you have to purchase
7:42 am
it saturday or sunday, case in point cost comparison in your shopping. >> the real way to defrost it is in the refrigerator, not in the zinc with the hot water. >> a last-ditch effort. >> not that i've ever been there. >> your hands are like sis cycles but can you save 50 cents doing the frozen versus fresh bird. >> what about changing. could you go so far as to change birds? >> consider a kosher turkey, a little more expensive as your standard but not as expensive as organic and heritage varieties. no kosher birds are presalted. a lot of people love the rich delicious bird. >> drew: don't have to brine it. >> he don't and they are really tasty. >> you are really brinking it this morning. how else can we save? talk about some of the items. the price on just about everything has gone up. >> the basic things like onions and sweet potatoes are up 20%. brace yourself for the pecans
7:43 am
41.3% increase in price. the basic staples you need to make your table, the foundation of thanks giflg dinner. so, the key here is to really do your comparison shopping, looking for the reasonable prices and, you know, there are places that are even offering free birds, believe it or not. so, we found that at shop rite, if you spend $300 from mid-october to thanksgiving day they give you a free 21-pound bird. >> and if you can hum the lynyrd skynyrd song, i think i'll give it to you. >> i think you are doing it. >> why? >> because there is an increased consumption of pecans in china. >> of course. >> if anybody is financially in the straits this season go to united way or boys and girls club of america around the country, they are giving out free birds, as well. >> way to go. amy, thanks so much. >> thanks. >> up next, dave's still on the road. has he found his way home? we'll check in with him in just a little bit. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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we really enjoyed watching dave make his way across north america starting in alaska getting through really difficult days out west, was a little low but made a key connection that allowed him to reach cincinnati yesterday and start a wonderful new crusade. he's supposed to be back here before the end of the program. he's got a little bit more than an hour left so not much time. he is on the road as you can see live. the clock is counting down. dave, where are you? do you think you'll make it? >> this is a bad day for a gridlock alert, let me just say that, as i make my way. hopefully, i will, a gorgeous day to drive. last night was a gorgeous night to drive. yesterday was a gorgeous day to drive. and we haven't stopped. >> we hope to be able to talk to you when you get here, but he
7:48 am
sounds hoarse. >> i'm hoarse will. >> are you feeling okay. >> i'm tired. you know, it just takes everything out of you, physically, you know, traveling 4500 miles or so switching four time zones, traveling in every means mechanically and otherwise, walking a lot. and it takes everything out emotionally, too, the connections you make, the friendships you make. but, i'm fine. i'm totally fine. >> all right. oh, there we have a picture. >> what's that outside the car, coats, is that coats? >> those are coats. >> that looks like a familiar road, too. >> what is it? >> west side highway. >> there we go. >> he's very close. >> hey. >> route 9a, here you come. >> we're so excited when you get here to talk to but that, the most wonderful about this series after so many not-so-fun times
7:49 am
to have this ending. >> we were talking yesterday the beautiful thing dave said the proof this has really been about the journey, not the destination, as much as we looking forward to seeing you but is the journey you've made it along the way. >> nope. yep. making it here is totally secondary. i'm glad we are going to but the stories are incredible. see you in a little bit. >> we'll see you in a little bit. "no way home" and hour and three minutes left. hopefully he'll make it before then so we can chat with him. don't go away this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: "no way home" sponsored by new windowsphone. other man in bathroom: really? vo: it's time for a phone... son: really? wife: really? vo: save us from our phones.
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hello again, it's now 5 before 8:00. we have a mix of clouds and sun and there's the traffic on charles street and spaghetti junction. here's sharon. hi, don, good morning. well, the tough stop of the morning is the topside of the beltway. we have two accidents and that's at caring parkway blocking the left lane and 13 miles per hour is the closest speed sensor to the accident and meantime, on the outer lupe, we have another accident with slow spots there. and in the city, we have a crash on eastern avenue and one on south chesterality route 100. watch for debris and that's
7:56 am
blocking the left lane. there's a look at the drive times and the speeds and there's 23 miles per hour on the topside. and this is brought to you by kia. to learn more, go to marty's in the first warning weather center. >> >> we'll look at the it's for the day. temperatures at this time, around 40 degrees and going to 52 this day. a breeze or a wind isn't really part of the equation yet. almost a full moon and 33 degrees is the overnight low and windy and skies at 58 and sunny now through tuesday. and this week's weather is at the top of the news. a tornado touched down in north east baltimore city. and andrea fujii has the story. don, the national weather service says it touched down for less than a minute and
7:57 am
after two days of inspecting the damage and looking at photos and reviewing the radar, on a scale, it was an ef 1 tornado. and the residents were able to return and 350 apartments are damaged. don, back to you and the police arrest someone in connection with a murder. and the man was missing inside a mr. winks -- wings in glenn bernie. stay with us, up next, how to avoid food allergy attacks this holiday season and will dave price make it home to new york from alaska, yesterday, he was in ohio and the no way home sese,,,,,,,,
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so many people out here this friday morning to help us welcome dave back from his "no way home" journey. he's on the road and we can't wait to greet him when he gets here. welcome back to "the early show" i'm maggie rodriguez with harry smith. coming up thanksgiving is right around the corner, get together with friends and family, have a big meal. that can be really stressful for millions of people who have food allergies. holly robinson peete knows that all too well. she has four children, all of whom have food allergies. >> wow! >> she has allergies herself. this morning, she is here,
8:01 am
taking a break from "the talk" to join us on "the early show" with important advice to make sure you spend the holiday at the table instead of the emergency room. >> also, weaver been able to see dave in his car coming into manhattan this morning. and you're looking at him live this very moment. look at that, a look of relief on his face as he is about to cross the finish line in his "no way home" journey which began a week ago this alaska. what a journey it's been, the stories to tell, we can't wait to see dave here in just a couple minutes. >> first, let's check the news once again with erica hill, standing by at the news desk. good morning, erica. >> good morning again. good morning to everyone at home. more than two you didden miners missing this morning after an explosion at new zealand's biggest coal mine. the pike river mine on the south island, 180 miles southwest of wellington. officials say the blast was a gas explosion. it is not yet clear, though, just what set it off. five miners escaped. 27 others did not. their fate is unknown.
8:02 am
in ohio the bodies of three people missing for more than a week have been found. a candlelight vigil last night became a memorial to the three victims, a mother, her son and a friend. tree trimmer matthew hoffman led police to the bodies found in garbage bags in a hallowed-out tree. >> we have discovered and recovered the remains of kody maynard, stephanie sprang, and tina here man. >> hoffman is the only suspect in the three killings. he remains in jail on charges of kidnapping. the other family member 13-year-old sarah maynard, found alive in his basement sunday. president obama is in lisbon, portugal this morning to
8:03 am
8:04 am
we're still waiting on dave to get home. i'm close and i -- -- hi, good morning. let's look at the forecast today. we're thinking it's a sunny
8:05 am
afternoon and not a lot of winds. and mostly sunny and 52. most are fair weather clouds and tonight's a full moon and 33 degrees is the low and tomorrow, sun n and it will be windy again. and a high of 58. monday and tuesday, , maggie? >> thank you, erica. up next, food lrpgs can turn your thanksgiving upside down. holly robinson peete of "the talk" will tell us how she keeps her kids safe while eating away from home. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ sneezes ] client's here.
8:06 am
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8:09 am
hidden dangers. actress holly robinson peete a co-host as you know of "the talk" on cbs and during her years as a mom became an unwitting expert of food allergies. good morning. >> good morning, maggie. >> i want to show that beautiful picture of you and your husband and -- >> all four have food allergies but two are an fa la tick one to dairy and one to peanuts. >> oh, my. you have a soy allergy. >> i have one not that serious and we carry the device but one thanksgiving i didn't bring it. somehow peanuts got into the stuffing. i don't have an epipin thank god i live close. i called 911 and a ministered and we got to the hospital and we had an happy ending. doesn't always end like that. >> that's why we are doing this story.
8:10 am
the holidays are here so, many people will go to other people's homes and be worried and be worried about these dangers. what do you recommend to people going o out for the holidays. >> communication, first of all. have communication with the host, know what's in dishes. aunt jane might bring a recipe with those peanuts in it and you have to know. that's important and cross-contamination. you know, sometimes if you use different utensils in different dishes you get allergens for on there and for us the big takeaway, don't leave home without the auto injector the epipin because that really makes the difference. >> how gratifying to be able to literally save your boy's life. >> it literally helped me save his life and was very gratifying but again food allergies is so severe in many cases and in the hole i days everything is hustle bustle and you have to be aware. >> so many will be hosting parties and we don't know if we have guests with food allergies who maybe not prepared, what can we as folks do? >> you just have to ask and have
8:11 am
conversations with the parents, you have to have conversations with whoever's coming, know what's in recipes. if you are inviting people to bring dishes, potluck style, know what's in them. and just be aware. it's awareness is key. and people i find anyway are so much more aware and considerate these days. when i was growing up i never heard of a kid growing of a kid with food allergies. jet at my daughter's school they make such an effort. >> everybody knows. >> now it's everywhere. >> we have to be aware because it is a very serious issue. >> you think food energies has getting worse? >> i do. some of these kids have air-borne allergies and can be very, very serious. >> thank goodness we are talking more like this morning. >> yes. >> i want to talk more about "the talk" you guys look like you are having so much fun ifnlts we are having a blast. you know, these women are so much fun, a lively bunch but i'm learning, i'm, you know, as a mom i'm getting information but from our guests. >> so am i.
8:12 am
>> i'm entertained and i get to, leave there, pull off my lashes and go to -- for me as a mom with four kids. >> how is my girl jewels? >> holding it down trying to keep sharon and leah in check. it's been great, really enjoyed it. thank you for giving her to us. >> you're welcome. begrudgingly. has she brought charlie to the set. >> i haven't seen charlie because it is so hustle, bustle. but i went to her house and hung out with charlie, he's beautiful. >> thank you so much for your story and your advice. >> my splesh sure. >> nice to meet you. >> you too, mag. >> he you can catch holly and her friends on "the talk" so check your listings for times. up next the moment of truth, has dave made it back from alaska in seven days? you're watching "the early show"
8:13 am
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how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination? or maybe skewers of wood-grilled shrimp. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 at red lobster.
8:15 am
seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 wow! >> we've got a great crowd on handing afng the reason a lot of folks are here is to welcome dave home. it's been a long and difficult week for dave price, beginning more than 4,000 miles away in anchorage, alaska and as he got
8:16 am
stuck out west for a couple of days it appeared there might -- really might not be a way home. but on wednesday, as he started pigging up coats, he picked up speed. all the way to cincinnati. a and after that, the final leg of his amazing journey home began. >> for the last seven days i've journeyed all across the country. working my way from one end of america to the other, trying to make my way home. but, on wednesday, in bozeman, montana, i received an e-mail that provided a new mission for my trip. i got the most touching letter just a few minutes ago. i had lost two coats along the way and that prompted an "early show" viewer to focus in on a theme. the importance of having a warm coat. he e-mailed me with an offer, $600 to start a one-man coat
8:17 am
drive. but, accepting that business proposition changed the whole tone of my trip. i began to hand out flyers asking people for coat donations. can i give you one now? >> you can. >> there's another one. >> yesterday morning in cincinnati, the generosity i had seen o a small scale continued to grow. >> there's people laying on the curb in this city and all across america. if that coat keeps them warm that, matters to me. >> in columbus, ohio, more of the same. >> look at this! and gloves. >> my rental car filled up quickly. next stop, wheeling, west virginia. [ cheering ] >> we're just raising awareness. so, if someone needs a coat in your community, they know they can get one. perhaps the most poignant moment of the week came at the very end. late last night in harrisburg, pennsylvania, 174 miles from home, i met the man who sent that e-mail.
8:18 am
this is him. >> oh. mike flanagan knows about taking chances. >> i'm so proud of you! >> mike's offer inspired me and, in turn, inspired many others. >> i gave $600, they would have bought 30 coats. i don't know how many coats are here. there's a couple hundred but i've had e-mails all day i've been asking people all over the country people are giving coats, which is great. >> mike says he's always believed that one person can make a difference. >> what's happened here struck a chord with you and it struck a chord with me. >> and with a lot of other people. >> and it's going to strike a chord with a lot of other people because the guy that doesn't have coat and is cold and gets it, he's just going to say, thank god i got a coat! >> and so it sometimes happen, you start down one road and suddenly you change direction. but, in the end, you end up in a better place than you had ever
8:19 am
imagined. >> wow! what a story. right? >> he got us yesterday, i think he got us again today, all of us. >> the only thing we forgot, the kleenex. dave, we are feeling like dave is in the neighborhood. right? >> where's our boy? >> all right! [ cheering ] >> yea! >> a high row's welcome, as he deserves. and he's got a lot of coats to unload this morning. [ cheering ] >> there he is. >> yea, dave, ooh! [ cheering ] >> nice job, buddy. >> you kept the best one for yourself. >> i like this weathered look, it works for you. >> oh, dave, you made it. >> it is weathered, all right. what an amazing -- it was an amazing trip and i wish i had the presence of mind and the
8:20 am
energy now to regale you with story after story of the time, but it was just a -- it was remarkable. >> you know, last year, your journey really turned into a saga. it had its ups and downs and everything else. you anticipate going out on a road again this year. i know were you so hungry to do it. what fed you the most when you were out there this time? >> two things. at the beginning of the trip, it was the game. it was, let's see if i can get back. let sees see if i can overcome the frustration. the second half of the trip was all about this mission. what you didn't see in that piece, one of those people who was speaking who donated a coat in cincinnati, he had recently lost his home to a fire and most of his possessions. and mike flanagan that, man who wrote that letter about second chances is a former attorney, who wound up in legal trouble and in prison and who dedicated the rest of his life to changing how he lived it. and all he said last night, as he was tearing up was, i want to
8:21 am
do something good and i want to make my children proud. and he did. everyone we met did. and you know what, no one owns a coat drive, guys. they are happening all over the country, right? no one owns a food drive. >> what happens now to all these coats you've collected? >> we are going to give them out. we are going to give them to people in charities in need. but, here's the deal. we don't need them mailed to us, we don't need a holiday to do this. give a coat in your own neighborhood, in your own community, that's all you need to do, quietly, the only reason we did this was to build awareness, to build awareness. >> we are so proud of you and i want you to know that we're not the only ones. i want to show you something. so, take a look at the monitor. >> surprise, dave! i'm here with your parents, larry and helene, very proud of what you've done because there are people facing enormous struggles each day, the performance of random acts of kindness is imperative for hope. now, dear son, clean up, have a
8:22 am
bowl of chicken soup, take a nap and do some good things! [ cheering ] >> i was implore in florida yesterday on another store and ran into them and they are so proud of you and she was so worried about you. helene, he's fine, more than fine. >> she's like you don't sound good, you don't look good. my dad did just what he did in that video, he just stayed quiet. >> that's why they've been together for so long. that makes their marriage work . >> this is was such a beautiful trip and, as much as i love being with you, i can't lie, i really love being on the road and meeting people all across the country from the great state of alaska through the west, into the rockies, the midwest, ohio valley and into the northeast. >> that first scene when you were out there and handing out those flyers and people were literally giving them the coats off of your back was just absolutely incredible. we'll have more with dave in a little bit. check out dave's journey from
8:23 am
start to finish on our website we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: "no way home",,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
hello again, it's 8:25 and notice the north side of the east and there's sunshine on the southside. the experiment worked. well, we'll look at the forecast today. staying mostly sunny. let's keep passing the fair weather clouds. 52degrees is the high this day and we're in the low 40s now. hi, marty, things are slowing down. one is here and that's a leftover one on the outer lupe at pairing parkway. everything's running smoothly past it. also, we have an accident on
8:26 am
the topside outer lupe. that's at harford road and another on the westside at liberty on the right shoulder. and that's on south chester street and 27 miles per hour is the slowest spot. there's a live look outside again at the north side where we have the accident. and this is brought to you by len the plumber. thank you, the winds that hit the north east baltimore city were in deed a tornado. and andrea fujii has the latest on that. don, it touched down for less than a minute. after two days of reviewing the radar, on a scale from 0 to 5. they determined it was an e f 1
8:27 am
and yesterday, the residents returned to the villages and 54 units are con denned and -- condemned. and jack johnson and his wife were arrested as part of a corruption investigation. voters have started to petition and trying to keep leslie from taking her seat on the county council. jack johnson is accused of trying to hide thousands of dollars in her underwear. and the police break out another dog fighting ring in the city. the animals were found in south west baltimore -- south west? well, south west. and some dogs were found tied allened covered and not all survived and those that didn't are being cared for at the bark's animal shelter. so far, no arrests have been
8:28 am
made. >> stay with us, up next, a live performance by the band, one republic and a look at what the people on the streets of london have to say ,,,, ♪ hey! wait up! ♪ [ female announcer ] you see a mud stain. but new wisk sees a particulate stain. with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology, wisk is engineered to fight all the major stain groups like particulates and oils. [ girl ] that lip gloss is soooo cute on you.
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[ female announcer ] you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a powerful clean against a full range of stains, use new wisk. fight stains with science.
8:30 am
if you've ever had the opportunity to go to london, one of the places you absolutely have to go is westminster abbey. >> breathtaking. >> for, well not exactly this building but this is the place where for more than a thousand years kings and queens.
8:31 am
>> have been crowned. >> exactly right. and so, you know, everybody from jeffrey trausser to charles dickens is buried there. it's kind of the place. >> i'm going to a wedding there in the summer or spring. don't know exactly the date yet or the place. >> really? >> in london? >> they're old friends. [ laughter ] >> not! >> they wouldn't happen to be named kate and wills would they? >> catherine, actually. >> a lot of speculation, at st. paul's or westminster abbey. we'll check with a couple of our good friends in london. we've got amanda holden. >> i'll bet she is actually invited. >> look at that. we'll find out if she is on the list or not and see what other news we can gather on the royal wedding plans. >> also here this morning with us my favorite rock band of the moment onerepublic in the studio. i have loved them since they had
8:32 am
apologized on their first album back in 2007. they're here this morning to perform that one and also "secrets" number one on itunes on their rock chart for five months. >> good song. >> both. >> we can't wait to talk to them. >> they have a cello. >> which starts that song and so many others. >> looking forward already, good morning. let's take a look at the forecast. it's sunny now and not all that breezy sand temperature this day with mostly sunny skies and 52 degrees and 42 now.
8:33 am
and clear moonlit. that's an understatement. it will be full. and tomorrow, mostly sunny. and down to 53 degrees on sunday. and monday and t for your favorite weherman just ahead but first harry. >> all right. we can find out as early today where and when the wedding between prince william and kate migdz ton will take place. royal speculation is running rampant. let's head across the pond where "early show" special contributor amanda hold den and royals expert neil sean are both standing by. good morning, everybody. >> 'morning. >> hi, harry. >> man today, first tell me, talk to me a little bit just about the buzz and how this whole royal engage minute has set the town on its ear. >> i think the whole country is
8:34 am
so excited, especially today because it's across all all of the papers and i think the government very soon will confirm we'll get a day off to have the wedding. so, everybody doesn't have to go to work, obviously that's a bonus. obviously, for the economy, it's going to bring in loads of tourists, lots more money. her ring, her engagement ring has already been copied. the dress that kate wore for her actual engagement interview has been copied by a supermarket over here and is retailing at just under $20. it's amazing. >> and you have the copy right there in your hands. hold it up again, we want to see it. >> yes. >> you can get this for 20 bucks? >> 20 bucks from tesco's, i think available online. the designer is -- it's gorgeous. it doesn't have the long sleeves but the same color and the lovely waist. there's a lady over here called
8:35 am
phillipa leslie rumored to be making her wedding dress, also one of our faces this morning. >> i want to get neil on for a second, he's across town at buckingham palace. do you have any even shreds of news you can share with us this morning? >> well, 'morning, harry. yes, i've got that blue dress back from amanda, i know what she's like around a supermarket. but what's more exciting here right now, how not just the economy but if you look like catherine middleton in evening land right now trying to find as many doubles, look-a-likes. we have at lof prince william looka-likes but not enough catherine middleton look-a-likes this is your chance to be very rich and, of course, very busy. so right now looking for something like that, you could be over there doing a big photo shoot. >> it is interesting. as you read through the tabs and as amanda is holding this dress, now available for $20, people want to copy everything all the
8:36 am
way down to her hairstyle. amanda, let me ask you this, will you now officially off the market, who becomes the bachelor -- who becomes the bachelor of choice in london and in the uk? >> well, it's funny, actually. i have been asking a few of the girls around and sadly for william, no one seems to be that sad that he's off the market, always harry the girls fancy more over here because harry is a bit naughtier, a bit edgier because he's got less responsibilities. i think william's always had to lead biff example. so, not too many tears. i could be kate's mum, don't you think, catherine's mum, a look-a-like for her? >> hmmm. i think you might have to get a dye job there. >> oh, yeah. yeah. maybe. >> neil, are the punters involved in terms of trying to
8:37 am
figure out where the wedding is going to take place and is there sentiment in the country about where it should take place? >> well, that's a really good question, harry. when you saw that paparazzi picture of kate emerging from westminster abbey, dressed in a white coat, so close we could pick her out, she'd been to the abbey, we can tell you, of course, she has looked at other venues, not actually having to choose, of course but i think for her she would definitely like -- certainly st. george's chapel but i think the public and world will demand it be at westminster abbey of course because of the spectacle, the way they do things so well, a world stage. she's going to be a world bride so why not do it there? >> thank you very much. amanda, a pleasure to see you, as always. we do appreciate it. >> thank you, harry. >> all right, doll. >> thank you. >> all right. take care. now, here's erica. >> harry, thanks.
8:38 am
we've been telling you about the macy's believe campaign now in full swing. here's how it works for every letter sent to santa at a macy's believe station the store will donate a dollar up to a million dollars to the "make a wish foundation" which, of course, grants wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. before the latest letter count we bring in ib bra ham almanza, former recipient now a manager up to 24,000 "make a wish" volunteers across the country? this is an organization near and dear to my heart. you guys do such great work for people who aren't familiar about it, tell us what "make a wish" did for you. >> my wish was granted in 1999, to be in the middle of the ocean on the fourth of july on a cruise. this was absolutely amazing to go to the bahamas and bermuda, a great opportunity for us to reconnect as a family. "make a wish" encompasses the entire family. >> were you 15 years old, in a car accident. as a result, found out you had stage four cancer. later on your parents say doctors told us you had three
8:39 am
months to live. here you are today. >> yeah, it's amazing. just to see how far i've come and all the opportunities that i've had, you know, both my career, as well as just in life in general. i mean, it's really been provided through "make a wish" and "make a wish," it seems a wish that keeps on giving and it's the best possible thing. >> it is great and so important to point out, we talked about in the break, if you are scared to refer to someone saying that this child has a terminal illness, that's not the case, these are life-threatening conditions, not life-ending. >> exactly grant wishes for life-threatening conditions, which is the first thing people should say. that's the big misconception. the fact i'm here 11 years after my wish a true testament how powerful a wish can really be. >> we were grant some of those wishes this holiday season writing a letter to santa. bring it to mast y's and mail it in this mailbox and they donate a dollar? >> such an easy thing all the parents always writing letters for kids for santas during the holiday season, so are teachers it is such a great thing to pay
8:40 am
it forward and take it to the stations at macy's. the fact they are able to sit down and write it is amazing. >> 96,006 letters. they will donate up to a million. >> bring them in. the more letters we get the more wishes can be granted. mine was amazing. if we can share that with more and more kids, why not. >> thank you so much. >> so far, as we mentioned 96,006 letters, you can find out how to contribute on our website maggie? >> thanks, erica pop rock band one republic behind me burst onto the music scene in 2007 with the hit "spol joois" which shattered all records on top 40 radio and became the most played song of the year because it's awesome. the denver-based group is now finding new fans with this single "secrets" which has been the number one rock song on itunes since july.
8:41 am
here to sing "secrets" for you from their current cd called "waking up" how appropriate for this morning. here's onerepublic and there's the cello. ♪ ♪ ♪ i need to know the story ♪ to get it off my chest ♪ my life is kinda boring ♪ something that i can't confess ♪ ♪ my sleeves are stained red ♪ from all the truths that i've said ♪ ♪ honestly, i swear, i've been on the brink ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets to ♪ ♪ this time ♪ don't need another perfect
8:42 am
line ♪ ♪ don't care if critics have to jump in line ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ ♪ amazing that we got this far ♪ ♪ it's like we're chasing all those stars ♪ ♪ drive a shiny big black cars, yeah ♪ ♪ every day i see the news ♪ we can start in a situation ♪ it's great to know ♪ i don't really like my ♪ tell me ♪ something about a life there ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets ♪ ♪ this time, don't need another perfect line ♪ ♪ critics jump in line ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets
8:43 am
away ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ have no reason, no shame ♪ ♪ got no family i can blame ♪ just don't let me ♪ i'ma tell you everything ♪ tell me what you want to hear ♪ ♪ somethin' life don't care ♪ the instant stare ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ this time ♪ don't need another perfect line ♪ ♪ critics jump in line ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets ♪ ♪ tell me what you want to hear ♪ ♪ somethin' that we like down there ♪
8:44 am
smfk smfk i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ this time, don't need another perfect line ♪ ♪ don't care if critics have to jump in line ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give all my secrets away ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ohhhh ♪ ♪ ♪ all my secrets away it. >> ooooh! starts and ends with the cello, we love that. a rock band with a cello and violin such a unique sound. >> bringing elo back. you don't give them away you tuck them in your back pocket. >> i'm sure a lot of musicians would love to know your secret,
8:45 am
spending five months almost on the top of the charts. everywhere, movie trailers commercials, tv shows. >> we heard that jake gyllenhaal, is he on today. >> on later. >> our song is actually the theme -- we did not plan that but, thank you, jake. >> it's got to feel pretty good this song is everywhere and everyone knows it and loves it. >> it is weird. tv almost like the new radio and movies, at this point you just kind of -- the hardest thing in the world in music is just being known, just existing. so, we're really thankful for all the stuff that we've had. >> you know that, ryan, you, me, zach and actually erica have something in common. >> what's that? >> we all have brand new baby boy ahhh. >> congratulations to the two of you. >> thank you. >> how has been being a father, has it changed the way you write and sing. >> you know, it's funny, i haven't really done too many songs since cope was born but it definitely, it definitely does. i mean, you know, at this point i have to think about like
8:46 am
anything i write at some point he's going to hear because of youtube or whatever and i just don't want to be embarrassed. so, you know, it definitely affects, definitely affects how i write. >> you are making him proud, i got to tell you. >> thank you. >> will you sing one more for us? >> we'll try. >> too late to apologize, though. >> it is, too late. >> all right. here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mrveg i'm holdin' on ♪ ♪ ten feet off the ground ♪ i'm herein' what you say but i
8:47 am
just can't make a sound, no ♪ ♪ you tell me that you need me ♪ ♪ then you go and cut me down ♪ tell me that you're sorry ♪ didn't think i'd come around ♪ ♪ you say that it's too late to apologize ♪ ♪ it's too late ♪ it's too late to apologize ♪ it's too late ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ take another sense, take it far, take a shot for you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and i need you like a heart needs a beat ♪
8:48 am
♪ ♪ i loved you with desire ♪ you say, sorry like an angel, everything was you ♪ ♪ i'm afraid it's too late to apologize ♪ ♪ it's too late ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ said it's too late to apologize ♪ ♪ it's too late ♪ ohhh ♪ ♪ ♪ it's too late to apologize ♪ it's too late
8:49 am
♪ it's too late to apologize ♪ it's too late ♪ too late to apologize ♪ ♪ yeahhh ♪ said it's too late to apologize ♪ ♪ i'm holdin' on, got me ten feet off the ground ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what a treat from onerepublic. stay with us. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.,,,,
8:50 am
♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
8:51 am
a little girl in that crowd
8:52 am
came all the way from syracuse because she wanted to make sure you got home okay. >> i'll have to go outside and say hi. >> explain what a mitzvah is. all i could think of when you were coming home -- >> in simple terms it is doing a good thing. there is not a big one or small one it's just doing something good and it's so easy to do that. we learned about these things when we were kids, take care of the people around you, look after those who are less fortunate. so, all we did with the help of mike was to go out and remind people of that, not only for the holiday season but year-around. and that was, you take a trip and you have no idea what's going to happen at the end. and -- >> that's what makes it fun and great. >> a lot of mitzvahs done over this seven days. >> you've inspire ad number of people, as well, to do. >> that the e-mails and tweets saying let's keep it going in our communities. >> easy enough to do. >> i think so. >> welcome home, dave.
8:53 am
>> good job, dave. >> good to be home and with my family. >> coming up thanksgiving dinner can start your diet a downward spiral that can last until january. spiral that can last until january. we'l'l,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
hello, that's an interesting look at the night's sky. marty's in the first warning weather center. what we're going to see is -- well, what we look at now with the camera. clouds and sun. and we're in the low 40s now and 43 tonight and tomorrow, purposing it up to 60 with a ton of sun. and weather is at the top of the news. they're trying to pick up their lives after a tornado is confirmed and andrea fujii has the story. don, the national weather
8:56 am
service says that this touched down with wind gusts at 110 miles per hour. after two days of looking at the video, on a scale of 0-5, it was determined to be an ef 1 tornado. yesterday, they were able to return, but 54 units are condemned and 350 are damaged. >> >> thank you, a woman shot and a child escapes and a man shoot and kills himself in a randallstown home yesterday. the 8 year old ran from the home and the 36-year-old man shot his wife and then shot and killed himself. and the child was not hurt and the wife is treated at shock trauma >> and the fall outcontinues after jack johnson and his wife were arrested last week. voters started a petition trying to prevent her from
8:57 am
taking her seat on the county council. there and the accused are trying to hide tens of thousands of dollars in her underwear. and an investigation is underway after a man is found dead in a card board box along highway 70. his box was found tuesday. he was shot and the police are looking for a 34-year-old in connection with the murder. he shot a siberian husky and today, the police officer is going on trial. the 32 year old is charged with animal mulety and firing his gun near homes after shooting a dog named bear bear. he claims that bear bear was attacking his dog at the time. and with thanksgiving around the corner, baltimore's anthony is helping people put a meal on their tables. he's helping feed the children. he'll host a thanksgiving day of sharing.
8:58 am
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